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We understand that knowledge is key to making informed decisions about your needs. We have provided this page as a resource tool to support our clients by providing valuable news articles on current insurance related topics as well as links to industry related sites. We trust that you will find this as informative and beneficial as we have.

Assurance Brokers is recognized as an expert in the insurance industry. Many times we are asked for opinions, and our professionals are published in industry-leading publications. On some occasions we also author and distribute white papers or informative letters to clients and referral sources. A select group of these items is presented below, along with additional articles of interest.

What is a Farm Policy?

A farm policy can better protect you and your land by including coverage for any houses, barns, seed, equipment or livestock.  It does also offer liability coverage, but it does not offer coverage for any crops.  A regular homeowner’s policy would not have the broad options to properly cover you as a farm policy would.  […]

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Lien Waivers: Make Sure You Know What You Are Signing

Be sure to know what type of lien waiver you are signing and how it can impact your bottom line if you sign the wrong one.  By spending the time to know what the documents mean, you can save yourself legal fees and financial distress.  Just because wording is changed in the title does not […]

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Lumber Prices Continue to Rise

Lumber prices continue to rise due to supply and demand.  Some construction projects have been delayed due to supply being so low.  As interest rates remain low, consumers are still buying new homes or investing in their own homes by doing renovations.  However, as the costs continue to increase Forbes is projecting that DIY consumers […]

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Underbilling and the Impact on Your Bottom Line

Bond companies review your Work in Progress to monitor how your business handles underbillings.  If not managed well, underbillings can impact your working capital, cash flow and even your income statement.  These suggestions can help you work towards eliminating your underbilling if it is becoming an issue for your company.

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Common Personal Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Thinking outside the box when you make adjustments on your personal insurance could help save some money on your premiums.  One important insight would be to raise your deductible instead of lowering your amount of insurance.  Keep reading here, or contact Lou anytime at for more ideas on ways to save.

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Filing a Claim During Any Disaster

Nobody expected the catastrophe that unfolded last week.  Whether you have family or friends in Texas, or find yourself amidst a disaster, this can help you know the right steps to take to filing your claims.  Most importantly though, first make sure you and your family are safe.  Record video and take pictures as that […]

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COVID-19’s New Impact on Insurance

Insurance rates are expected to increase in different area due to the impacts of COVID as the pandemic progresses.  Cargo insurance rates are projected to increase due to the global delivery of vaccines and the lack of proper coverage.  EPLI could be impacted due to the vaccine and the possible requirement of a vaccine at […]

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Protecting Your Business from A Subcontractor Default

Beyond having a proper contract, keeping accurate records for all jobs is the best practice.  If you sense there could be issues, it is very important to document everything.  While written documentation is critical, be sure to also take pictures and videos to fully support your case.  With all businesses and contractors you work with, […]

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Umbrella and Auto Insurance Rate Increases Continue in 2021

Unfortunately, so far in 2021 we do not see the trends from last year going away. Umbrella and Auto rates have continued to increase significantly again this year with no sign of slowing. We have also seen examples of insurance carriers not willing to write large umbrellas, nor write over any other insurance company’s underlying […]

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