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We understand that knowledge is key to making informed decisions about your needs. We have provided this page as a resource tool to support our clients by providing valuable news articles on current insurance related topics as well as links to industry related sites. We trust that you will find this as informative and beneficial as we have.

Assurance Brokers is recognized as an expert in the insurance industry. Many times we are asked for opinions, and our professionals are published in industry-leading publications. On some occasions we also author and distribute white papers or informative letters to clients and referral sources. A select group of these items is presented below, along with additional articles of interest.

Working with Business Partners – How to Make a Partnership Succeed

Teaming with Your Business Partners In today’s world succeeding at a high level is a challenging task. Reaching beyond this level can be daunting with new risks and hurdles encountered every day. One way to help reach the potential that is outside of your organization’s immediate walls is utilizing your external business partners. These partners […]

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How to Remain Safe from Social Engineering Attacks?

Headlines from phishing emails are always circulating, but some scammers also target businesses with fake information from companies like FedEx, the IRS, credit card companies or even your bank. There are ways to protect your company from attacks, here are some additional ideas for keeping your information secure.

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Grandma’s Peanut Brittle

Over-indulging can be a frequent occurrence in the holiday season, but some things are so worth it!  A good peanut brittle takes me back to being a child at grandma’s house.  The sounds of laughter, people everywhere, and the smells of all goodies she had been preparing for weeks.  But mostly, I remember the special […]

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Keeping the Lights On Could Help Keep Burglars Away This Season

Spending time with family and friends or heading out on vacation this season means many of us will be leaving our houses unoccupied.  What can do to make your house look lived in and keep the would-be thieves away? Spending a few extra minutes to prepare your house for your travels could make the difference […]

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The Three C’s of Construction Bonding

You’ve waited for the job to come along for a long time.  You pull the specs, begin reviewing the job details and come across the words, “Payment and Performance Bonds will be required by the low bidder.”  Does this become an end, or is it a start to a newer, larger world of construction contracts.  […]

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Do You Know the Facts About Life Insurance?

Whole life or term life, beneficiaries and death benefits are some of the basic terms about life insurance.  What do they all mean?  Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about life insurance answered for you.  If you have any additional questions or would like for our experts to talk with you […]

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Homeowner’s Insurance – do you know your coverage?

Your home is typically your biggest investment in your life, and it should be protected that way.  But, do you know what your homeowners policy actual covers?  Not all policies offer the same coverage and benefits.  This gives an easy breakdown of general terms, coverages and what you can look for.  Our team is also […]

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Why Businesses Fail?

Being a partner in the insurance and surety industry for over 30 years now, I’ve seen many construction companies grow to be successful businesses over time.  Others, start successfully, but things begin to unravel over time and there can be multiple reasons for the failure but a common denominator for failure is uncontrolled or under […]

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