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We understand that knowledge is key to making informed decisions about your needs. We have provided this page as a resource tool to support our clients by providing valuable news articles on current insurance related topics as well as links to industry related sites. We trust that you will find this as informative and beneficial as we have.

Assurance Brokers is recognized as an expert in the insurance industry. Many times we are asked for opinions, and our professionals are published in industry-leading publications. On some occasions we also author and distribute white papers or informative letters to clients and referral sources. A select group of these items is presented below, along with additional articles of interest.

Does Your Business Need EPLI Coverage?

The most frequent current claims for EPLI include sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination, but new claims and trends see possible issues with marijuana legalization in states and gender pay gap.  Beyond just purchasing an EPLI policy, there are other actions you can take to mitigate some of your risk. Keep reading here for additional […]

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How to file a Claim after a Storm

Filing your claim the proper way will help speed up the process of getting paid.  These are some basic recommendations to start your process after any storm: Contact your insurance company (and agent) as soon as possible to start your claim. Document your loss with pictures. We also recommend starting an inventory list and written […]

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Employee Retention Credit – Do You Qualify?

The Employee Retention Credit can be applied for wages in either 2020 or 2021. Even if you accepted the PPP loan in 2020, you could still be eligible for the ERC for 2021. Your payroll company should be able to help file your 941-X, amending your 941s for the claimed quarters, and apply for the […]

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Helping To Simplify Medicare

Jennifer Marshall has been in the insurance field for over 17 years and is our resident licensed Medicare specialist.  Jennifer leads our Assurance Brokers Ltd. team for medical, dental and vision insurance. Whether you are on Medicare Part A or B or need some advice on what to do before you start, please give Jennifer […]

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Keeping Your Website Current

Before offering a quote, underwriters are now reviewing your website and social media pages to fully assess your company. As we progress to a harder market, offers of coverage can be declined completely if there are types of work listed that you don’t do. Carriers now assume that the website most accurately represents what you […]

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Do You Read the Fine Print?

At times, additional language is inserted that states that once payment is accepted, the signer (contractor or subcontractor) acknowledges they have been paid in full for all changes to date, or it can state that the contractor has no potential claims against an owner or GC.  A change order may have a fine print statement […]

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Distracted Driving in America

Having a defined company policy about driving practices may be the first stop towards improving employee driving habits.  In addition to mitigating potential claims, this could be advantageous when requesting credits to combat increasing auto insurance premiums.  Selective Insurance offers additional ideas here.  If you would like to continue reading the full data breakdown of […]

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Business Ownership Transfer in the Construction Industry

As an owner of a family run business begins to dream about retirement, questions begin to arise about what will happen to the business.  Beginning the process of a sale or transfer is hard because most people don’t know where to start.  There are a few general guidelines that will set the foundation of a […]

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The Growing Importance of Cyber Liability

An unfortunate trend we are seeing more frequently in the news is the prevalence of computer hacking and the subsequent data breach.  It seems that any company of any size can be the target of a cyber-attack.  Once they are into your computer system, your laptops and phones can also be impacted and locked up.  […]

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Severe Storm Season – Are You Prepared?

Knowing what to do in a weather event can minimize your injury or damage to your property.  One of the best ways to prepare is to gather an emergency supply kit.  These can be kept at home in your safe place, as well as in your car for winter driving. For nine additional ideas, keep […]

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