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We understand that knowledge is key to making informed decisions about your needs. We have provided this page as a resource tool to support our clients by providing valuable news articles on current insurance related topics as well as links to industry related sites. We trust that you will find this as informative and beneficial as we have.

Assurance Brokers is recognized as an expert in the insurance industry. Many times we are asked for opinions, and our professionals are published in industry-leading publications. On some occasions we also author and distribute white papers or informative letters to clients and referral sources. A select group of these items is presented below, along with additional articles of interest.

Flood Insurance Premiums Are Rising

One option for flood insurance at higher limits or greater exposure is now stacking coverage, creating a base layer with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  Knowing that the government funded program is the foundation, some carriers are more willing to offer additional protection on top of that layer.  We are also seeing a shift […]

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Are Electronic Signatures Enough?

The E-Sign Act (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act) validates the use of electronic records and signatures for all legally binding documents.  A proper tracking log may be required, but electronic signatures are an acceptable method of signing any paperwork.  As with any document, be sure to keep records of everything.  For more […]

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Summer Driving Tips

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself while driving this summer. Keep an eye on the weather and be prepared for extreme weather conditions. The summer months can produce hail, flash floods, tornadoes and hurricanes. Check your vehicle fluid levels and tire pressure before traveling. If you can, travel at off […]

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Construction Contract Review

There are a few areas to concentrate on during contract review to make sure you are agreeing to the best terms for your company.  Those include dispute resolution by arbitration, what you are indemnifying, liquidated damages for delays, force majeure (delaying or disrupting a timeline), and consequential damages.  For further explanation of items to highlight […]

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Labor Shortages Impacting Your Jobs

Breach of contract for lack of labor was once something we thought could never happen, but we are starting to see instances popping up more frequently. Some companies have started thinking outside of the box to retain employees while others have had to turn to legal representation to avoid a large lawsuit for defaulting on […]

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Does Your Business Need EPLI Coverage?

The most frequent current claims for EPLI include sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination, but new claims and trends see possible issues with marijuana legalization in states and gender pay gap.  Beyond just purchasing an EPLI policy, there are other actions you can take to mitigate some of your risk. Keep reading here for additional […]

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Using Business Expenses to Reduce Taxes

As you continue to grow and thrive in your industry, receipts for these expenses should be separated and organized so you can keep proper records for years to come. We also recommend working with a CPA directly as they are the experts in tax laws, deductions, and allowable expenses. Additional ideas of business expense examples […]

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Employee Retention Credit – Do You Qualify?

The Employee Retention Credit can be applied for wages in either 2020 or 2021. Even if you accepted the PPP loan in 2020, you could still be eligible for the ERC for 2021. Your payroll company should be able to help file your 941-X, amending your 941s for the claimed quarters, and apply for the […]

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Do You Read the Fine Print?

At times, additional language is inserted that states that once payment is accepted, the signer (contractor or subcontractor) acknowledges they have been paid in full for all changes to date, or it can state that the contractor has no potential claims against an owner or GC.  A change order may have a fine print statement […]

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Distracted Driving in America

Having a defined company policy about driving practices may be the first stop towards improving employee driving habits.  In addition to mitigating potential claims, this could be advantageous when requesting credits to combat increasing auto insurance premiums.  Selective Insurance offers additional ideas here.  If you would like to continue reading the full data breakdown of […]

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