Are You Insured Properly for Your Business to Survive a Natural Disaster?

Recent severe weather, including tornadoes and record flooding along the Mississippi River and other rivers in the Midwest, are reminders to check your insurance. Just because it hasn’t impacted you yet doesn’t mean that it won’t. That goes for a wide variety of calamities including wildfires, floods, hail and tornadoes.

Flood Insurance

Are you sure that you are covered for damage to your home or business due to a flood? Do you have a separate policy just for flood protection?
Floods are not covered under your standard Property or Homeowners insurance coverage. While you may be covered for some damage due to rain, damage from rising waters of creeks, rivers, lakes or streams will not be covered. We have access to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) through various insurance carriers to protect your property and contents.

Tornado Insurance

Not all deductibles are the same.
Do you know what your deductible would be if your business had damage due to a tornado? Some policies carry a standard deductible, but others also now have a wind deductible that is a percentage of the building value. This could mean a difference of paying $500 out of pocket for damage versus $5,000 or $10,000. We would be happy to review your policy and tell you what type of a deductible you have.

Hail Insurance

As storms are intensifying around the US, we are seeing the frequency of hail storms increase.
For your vehicle to be covered you need to be sure you have comprehensive coverage on your policy, not just liability. With property coverage, the hail portion could be included but with a separate wind/hail deductible to save on cost.

Even if you currently have coverage, our team can review your limits and ensure that your current coverage is aligned with your needs. It starts with a call to (800) 556-2663 or send us a note.

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